The Development of Craft
The series of mixed media sculptures are comprised of three primary points of inspiration. First, my interest in science fiction films and literature informs the futuristic or steam punk look my sculptures present. The second factor is my own physical work experience. Whether working on waterlines, on a factory assembly line, or home delivery, my mind is always coming up with fun twists or reinterpretations of the tools I use when working a manual labor type job. Lastly, a majority of my sculptural artwork is wearable or can interact with the human body. Essentially I see my artwork as a fun reimagining of the tedious or labor-intensive aspects of “work,” blended with the science fiction world that motivates me and materials that I have worked with.  
Samuel Donnorummo '15

Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2014-15 Samuel Donnorummo. All rights reserved.

Installation. 2015.

The Arm. PVC, wood, computer parts, screws, spray paint, LEDs. 2014.

Temp. PVC, wood. 2015.

Temp. Detail.  2015.

Power. Motor parts, copper wire. 2014.

Power. Detail. 2014.

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