Beyond the Binary
The purpose of Beyond the Binary is to convey with photography and interviews the complexity of gender expression in the context of our Western society. This work and research is based on my own experiences of navigating 'masculinity' and my own gender identity. My goal is not to create images that contradict prescribed notions of masculinity for the sake of shock and awe. Rather; my images represent a range of identities, some of which are negatively, under-, or mis-represented, allowing for the public to reflect on and question their own perceptions of the gender binary and standards we are held up to. To give more representation and voice to the people I photograph, I have conducted interviews about the subject matter and collaborated with each person to produce a more personal image.
Petr Wiese '16

Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2016 Petr Wiese. All rights reserved.

Installation. 2016.

Untitled (Acadia). Digital archive print. 10" x 7". 2016.

Untitled. Digital archive print. 9" x 6". 2016.

Untitled (Jacob). Digital archive print. 22" x 15". 2016.

Untitled. Digital Archive Print. 10"x7". 2016.

Untitled (My Father). Digital archive print. 10" x 7". 2016.

Untitled (Conlin). Digital archive print. 10" x 7". 2016.

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