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My drawings derive from the industrial landscapes of the Ohio River Valley that surround my hometown of East Liverpool, Ohio. Abandoned mills and stacks embedded in the valley tell the story of defeated steel and pottery towns, while operating incinerators and cooling towers serve as reminders of the region’s continued dependence on industry. The mills of the past and the power plants of the present stand tall along the Ohio River, but the layers of waste they have collectively spewed sink discreetly into the soil, water, and air―as well as, ultimately, the people who live and work within the valley.
My work represents the environmental, financial, and health implications of industry and its waste allocation. It is a result of sketching from sites, examining industrial structures and processes, and exploring my own family history.
Natalie Shreeve '16
Advisor: Marina Mangubi
All images copyright © 2015-16 Natalie Shreeve . All rights reserved.

Untitled Grouping 5 (clockwise from upper left): ballpoint, shellac, gypsum, ink, alcohol, 10” x 14”; ballpoint, alcohol, shellac, 22” x 29”; gypsum, matte medium, ink, and dried flowers, 24” x 19”; graphite, 30” x 22”; ink, 13” x 8”; watercolor pencil, ballpoint, shellac, 14” x 10”; ink, shellac, alcohol, gypsum, matte medium, acrylic, 22” x 29”; graphite and watercolor pencil, 30” x 22”; ballpoint,shellac, 24” x 19”. 2016.

Untitled (Closure Plan). Gypsum, matte medium, ink, dried flowers. 24” x 19”. 2016.

Installation. 2016.

Untitled Grouping 6 (Clockwise from upper left): ballpoint, 8” x 13”; ballpoint, shellac, alcohol, 19” x 24”; ballpoint alcohol transfer, 30” x 22”; shellac, ballpoint, ink, acrylic, alcohol, 22” x 29”; graphite and shellac, 14” x 10”; graphite, shellac, 14" x 10”; gypsum, matte medium, pastel, ink, shellac, ballpoint, alcohol, 22” x 29”; graphite, watercolor pencil, 22” x 30”. 2016.

Untitled (Little Blue Dam). Ballpoint, shellac and alcohol. 19” x 24”. 2015.

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