Self Portraits
I have kept sketchbooks and journals consistently for about the past five years as a way to both record and process my thoughts and experiences. These sketchbooks are a combination of personal diary entries and drawings stemming from events in my life. Though these journals seldom include images of my own face, they are self-portraits insofar as they are snapshots of how I view the world. The drawings in this show stem from images that initially appeared in my sketchbooks, and the books are compilations of new and old sketchbook drawings. Ultimately, my Senior Independent Study has been about sharing my point of view and carving out a space in the world that is my own. When I identify with a piece of art or writing that articulates something I myself have felt, it gives me a sense of being seen, understood, and connected to the artist. If my art accomplishes anything, I hope it gives at least one other person the sense that though they are confused, they are not alone – that someone else has felt the same things and understands.
Mariah Joyce '17
Advisor: Marina Mangubi
All images copyright © 2017 Mariah Joyce. All rights reserved.

Beauty Tips detail. Pen on paper. 2017.

Alienation, Sod Off. Pen, marker, acrylic paint, paper. 2017.

Book One. Pen, marker, white out, paper. 2017.

Book One detail. Pen, marker, white out, paper. 2017.

Perform Femininity. Pen, marker, paper. 2017.

Self Portrait. Pen, marker, paper, tracing paper, wall. 2017.

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