A Portrait A day Keeps the Doctor Away
My goal as an artist is to create work that generates thought. With this current body of work I explore personal changes, masks, insecurities, and my subconscious to discover new aspects of self, in a series of self-portraits. Each day I would take one of the portraits and manipulate it using mixed media, portraying my emotions and experiences for that day. By doing this day-to-day I took psychological art therapy theory and employed it to understand and cope with my inner turmoil while simultaneously exploring raw human emotion.  It is important to share this work to help further understandings of change and emotion, and to complete this psychological process of overcoming insecurity by pulling back the walls of self and immersing in complete vulnerability. This work encourages people to think about the minimal changes that shape us and at their own emotional masks.
Jessie Friesen '15

Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2015 Jessie Friesen. All rights reserved.

Installation. Inkjet prints, mixed media. 17" x 22" (14). 2015.

Day 17. Inkjet prints, spray paint, acrylic paint, black pen. 22" x 17". 2015.

Day 21. Inkjet prints, spray paint, sequins. 22" x 17". 2015

Installation. 2015.

Day 23. Inkjet prints, spray paint, acrylic paint. 22" x 17". 2015.

Day 24. Inkjet prints, spray paint. 22" x 17". 2015.

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