Dynamic Beauty: The Journey to Perfection
The concept of body image has become a mainstream topic of men and women in our appearance-based society. Many struggle to accept their body mentally and physically, in which cause many to lean on surgery to fix insecurity. This common struggle causes many to use body modifications for enhancement and displaying confidence within themselves. Body modifications are a practice that can be generalized as a cosmetic change, while many forget about the power of makeup, tattoos, etc., can be used as a mechanism for enhancing. Enhancements have become common through choice, but reconstructive modifications are also growing as they are needed.
Throughout my series of prints, I want many of these prints to represent the growing popularity of body modifications in which there is a change in perception of oneself. I chose to print these digital black and white prints on Japanese Rice Paper, while doing two different bodies of work. In my installment the Japanese Rice Paper will represent skin, while the stitching of my prints represent the process that takes place. The prints on the wall represent the after surgery effects that come with permanent change. After having been through the struggle of body image when I was younger, I aim to make the audience aware of these common struggles that are still on the rise within our society today. Many may not have a choice within modification, but is important to remember that change becomes permanent inside and out.
Jenna Hunkins '16
Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2016 Jenna Hunkins. All rights reserved.

Modification Series 8. Digital photographic image on rice paper, thread. Various sizes. 2016.

Modification Series 10. Digital photographic image on rice paper, thread. Various sizes. 2016.

Installation. 2016.

Recovery Series 1. Digital photographic image on rice paper. 22" x 17". 2016.

Recovery Series 1 and 2. Digital photographic image on rice paper. 17" x 22". 2016.

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