Exploration of Sea Ice: A Re-Interpretation of Arctic Geology
This Gallery show is centered on improving the viewers’ understanding of
the delicate nature of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean through an artistic reinterpretation.
As a general rule of thumb, for every degree of warming experienced on Earth, the Arctic and Antarctic experience two degrees of warming. As a result, sea ice volume in the Arctic summer reaches roughly one third (1/3) that of which it was 20 years ago. Rapid decline of sea ice extent represents a large shift in the world’s climate and is both instigated by and is also a source of the global rise of Earth’s temperature in recent decades. By investigating aspects of Arctic sea ice in my art I hope to provide a partial understanding of the regions’ incredible complexity and of sea ice’s fragile nature.
Jacob Nowell ‘18
Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2018 Jacob Nowell. All rights reserved.

Cold/Freeze. Salt, ink, tar-paper. 36” x 36”.  2018.

The Arctic Circle. India ink, coral. 25.5” x 23”. 2018.

Sea Ice Extent; 1980 to 2013. Plaster, foam, projected video. 5’ diameter x 4”.  2018.

Untitled Salt and Ink Studies. Salt, ink, tar-paper. 2’ x 4’. 2018.

Oceans Reimagined as Organs. India ink, coral.  26” x 20”. 2018.

Warmth/Thaw. Salt, ink, tar-paper. 36” x 36”. 2018.

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