Exposing Mental Illness in a New Light
I began my Independent Study by pondering what I could focus on for an entire year. I landed on mental illness. Mental illness has always been present in my life, in myself, in my family and friends and in my chosen career as a Social Worker. Because of this, I decided to delve deeper into four diseases that specifically have had an impact on me: Depression, Anxiety, ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia. These sculptures are my interpretation of a physical representation of each disorder, based on the research I conducted.
The other pieces in this series are not based on research but are more expressive. There is always more to be learned when it comes to mental illnesses and more is being discovered every day. The brain is so intricate and complex that it makes sense that a disease of the brain would be equally complicated. This is a concept I attempted to grasp in one of my pieces.
I also wanted to convey the ideas that a mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status. I also recognize that mental illness can have a massive impact on someone’s life and is sometimes an invisible burden that people carry alone.
I hope this exhibition prompts you to explore your perception and stereotypes of these diseases and perhaps evokes sympathy for those struggling with something that no one, sometimes not even themselves, can comprehend.
Isabel Taccheri '16

Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2016 Isabel Taccheri. All rights reserved.

Untitled. Wood, ink. 4’ x 2’ (3). 2016.

Untitled (Anxiety). Chicken wire, wood, plastic. 1’ x 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 2’ x 16”, 1’ x 1’ x 1’. 2016.

Untitled (Anxiety). Detail. 2016.

Untitled (Depression). Styrofoam, spray paint. 4’ x 32" x 46. 2016.

Untitled (ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder). Masonite, gesso, tracing paper. 46” x 46”. 2016.

Untitled (Schizophrenia). Styrofoam, spray paint, pegboard, plaster gauze. 2’x4’x2’(2).4’x32”x46”. 2016.

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