Exploration of Form and Technique in Functional Ceramics
I decided to focus my project on designing and throwing functional pottery. I further developed this idea and decided that I would throw in series or “families” of related forms based off a particular pottery form such as a handleless pitcher, but then continue to explore that form through variation.While exploring a form, I would either work with the original function in or pick a form and adapt it to different functions. My Senior I.S. project is a formal study of various pottery forms created in series and, secondarily, an investigation of how glaze interacts and enhances my work. Certain glazes call more attention to themselves than the pieces they adorn, so chosen to work with specific glazes that will balance color with form to develop the tone of each form. 
Grace Lawton '15

Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2015 Grace Lawton. All rights reserved.

Untitled. Earthenware, stoneware. Variable, 2.5” x 4”. 2015.

Untitled. Earthenware. Variable, 2" x 6.5". 2015

Installation. Earthenware, stoneware. 2015.

Untitled. Earthenware. Variable, 3" x 4". 2015.

Untitled. Earthenware and stoneware. Variable, 8.5". x 3". 2015.

Installation. Stoneware, earthenware. 2015.

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