Do you ever get nightmares? A photographic journey through the lives of wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans.
What prompted you to join the military?
When you were deployed, what was the most difficult experience you
What are some lingering effects from deployment?
Having grown up with a military family and being influenced by the people I
have met, the places I have seen, and the everyday lifestyle, inspired me to create an Independent Study devoted to the military and its members. Through the careful and compassion driven interviews of nine service members and veterans, I was able to build relationships and trust with these individuals in order to learn about their time in service and how they have adapted to everyday life after their time overseas.
Each individual went to war and came home but as a result of what they
experienced, have never been the same. Issues and injuries range anywhere from
social and societal anxieties, to post traumatic stress disorder, to traumatic brain
injuries, to shrapnel wounds, and amputations. Guided by my passion, respect and
adoration for the military life, I captured images that show the relationship between the subject and myself as well as, depict the physical and mental pain or hardships of adaptation.
Gabrielle Morrison '15
Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2015 Gabrielle Morrison. All rights reserved.

Look at My Scar. Archival inkjet print. 17” x 17”. 2014.

My Wife. Archival inkjet print. 17” x 17”. 2014.

Andrew & Calvin grid. Installation. 2015.

I’m a Mother. Archival inkjet print. 17” x 17”. 2015.

Flesh Wound. Archival inkjet print. 17” x 17”. 2014.

Hattie. Archival inkjet print. 17” x 17”. 2014.

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