A Lens of Our Own: A Feminist Photovoice Exploration of LGBTQ+ Experience at The College of Wooster
In today’s world we hear a lot of talk and debate about the rights and treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals. Outside of predictable coming out stories, we rarely hear about the nuances of LGBTQ+ lives. This exhibition explores experiences of LGBTQ+-identified students at Wooster through a research method called photovoice. The photovoice technique is a community based research process that asks participants to create photographs about their experiences and engage in group dialogues using their images as a catalyst for discussion. On this wall are photographs that I created myself, and on the opposite wall are photographs created by participants. All of these images are a response to these two prompts:
 •  What is the spirit of your experience at Wooster?
 •  Who are you in different spaces?
After learning more about the participants’ photographs through group interviews, I identified groups of images with overlapping themes. These themes define the constellations of images: Navigating Identities, and The College of Wooster Community. I hope that this exhibit will encourage you to consider the value and healing power of defining and depicting one’s experiences. Too often we forget to stop and truly look at ourselves and those around us. Consider your own responses to these prompts as you explore this exhibit. Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself, too. Please note that all participants were given pseudonyms for anonymity.
Foster Cheng '17
Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2016-17 Foster Cheng. All rights reserved.

Recalibrate. Archival digital prints. 35” x 28.5”. 2017.

Closed/Open. Archival digital prints. (2) 23” x 17”. 2017.

The College of Wooster Community Constellation. 2017.

Made-Up. Digital image. 11” x 17”. 2016.

Navigating Identities Constellation. 2017.

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