Making and Mindfulness
“Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.”  – Jean Cocteau
The work presented in Making & Mindfulness documents the process of recovery
from trauma through the process of making art. Being engaged in simple and
repetitive tasks such as knitting and making hundreds of repetitive
crosshatched marks on paper allows the maker to settle into a state of
“mindless mindfulness.” In this state the hands are physically productive while
the mind is allowed to wander, uninterrupted by anxiety or overstimulation.
These pieces act as documents of time, mindset, nature of material, and labor,
while portraying motifs such as transformation, progress, and control. Just as
the process of making this work required reflection, it also has the potential to
prompt reflection when viewed.
Devin DeLaney '16
Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2016 Devin Delaney. All rights reserved.

Building Up. Plastic sheeting, latex paint, joint compound, paraffin wax, white and yellow beeswax. 7' x 9'. 2016.

Installation. 2016.

Continuity/Disruption in Cream. Cream-colored muslin, 9' x 1'. 2016.

Continuity/Disruption in Cream, detail. 2016.

Line Variations (with tools). Charcoal powder, polycrylic, wood tools. 5' x 5.5'. 2016.

Cut, tie, wrap, pull, repeat. White fabric, wood chair. 12' x 4' 2016.

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