Stress Induced Deterioration of the Human Form
“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye
This group of ceramic sculptures creatively explores how stress endured for an extended period of time can degrade the human body and its related organs. I chose to explore the effects of stress because of its presence within our daily lives. Most of us have dealt with stress at some point, however few stop to think about the potential physical or mental effects stress may have on the body beyond those felt in the moment. I feel it is important to not only depict what may happen on the exterior, but also to the human body’s internal organs.
I have represented this deterioration through an excessively textured and stained ceramic surface. Clay is ripped, scraped, scratched, and shaped to convey possible outcomes of physical deterioration such as weathered skin, ulcerations, and a general disintegration of form. This compilation of work goes beyond everyday symptoms to depict the potential result of an extended time frame of endured stress.   
Anna Kruse '16
Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2016 Anna Kruse. All rights reserved.

Internal Deterioration Renal Pyramids (kidney). White stoneware. 14” x 5”x 6”. 2016.

Full Figure II. White stoneware. 12” x 17” x 39”. 2016.

Installation. 2016.

Instruments of Stress. White stoneware. 24" x 36" x 8". 2016.

Internal Deterioration Stomach. White stoneware. 15” x 10” x 15.5”. 2016.

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