An Exploration of Self: Continued

For my Senior Independent Study project, I am exploring my emotional experiences through visual art. In particular, I would like to focus on the experiences that cause my anxiety. I look at this project as an expansion of my work done during Jr. Independent Study where I focused on an “Exploration of Self”, I primarily worked with concepts of identity and what makes me, me. With Senior Independent Study my goal is to delve deeper into the concept of the self and the understanding one’s self. Over the course of my project I kept a working journal, where I recorded my emotional experiences. In this journal, I kept track of which specific emotion I had, what situation prompted this emotion and ultimately what I can do to control and understand my emotional state. I use this journal, along with my past experiences, to help fuel the creative process. These emotional studies will be depicted in mixed media, with an emphasis on encaustic painting. I plan to exhibit what my emotions look like on paper, playing with layers, color, texture and abstract narrative.
Aniecia Patridge '15

Advisor: Bridget Milligan
All images copyright © 2015 Aniecia Patridge. All rights reserved.
Untitled. Encaustics, wood panel. 70" x 1.5" x 45". 2014.

Untitled. Encaustics, wood panel. 26" x 26" x 2.5". 2014.

Untitled. Encaustics, wood panel. 48" x  24" x 4.5". 2014.

Untitled. Encaustics, mixed media, wood panel. 24" x 46" x 2.5".  2014.

Untitled. Encaustics, wood panel. 12" x 84" x 2.5". 2014. 

Installation. 2015.

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