Exploration In Reclaimed Furniture Design
This entire body of work is an exploration in designing and building
furniture through the use of repurposed wood. The process of turning
old and discarded materials into new furniture gives new identities and
purposes to the materials I have salvaged. My exhibition consists of both
furniture and experimental tile studies. Including both segments is meant
to fully show my exploration in design, form, and materiality. While
creating truly distinctive furniture and a cohesive body of work, I focused
on keeping my furniture in the style of minimalist design with hints to
Danish Modernism, while allowing the eclectic collection of materials to
shine through. Through this body of work I wanted to show that art could
be functional and that functional designs can, in turn, become art.
Abbey Partika '17
Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2017 Abbey Partika. All rights reserved.

Table Three. Reclaimed wood products, paint, tung oil. 68.5" x 15.5" x 4.25". 2017.

Table Five. Reclaimed wood products, paint, tung oil. 48" x 16" x 21". 2017.

Table Nine. Reclaimed wood products, paint, tung oil. 14.75" x 14.75" x 30". 2017.

Table Two. Reclaimed wood products, paint, tung oil. 23" x 14.25" x 14". 2017.

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