Amassing Subsistence
Amassing Subsistence draws from memories of the meditative, repetitive rhythms of domestic chores and simple daily actions. The process of accumulating, interacting with, and transforming discarded household objects into biomorphic, abstract forms references the ephemeral and shifting qualities of time and nature.
Tilly Alexander '16
Advisor: Walter Zurko
All images copyright © 2015-16 Tilly Alexander. All rights reserved.

Line Dry. Archival tissue paper, thread. Dimensions vary. 2015-16.

Cartridge Clusters. Door panels, bullet shells, ink cartridges. (2) 26" x 10". 2015-16.

Amassing Subsistence. Installation. 2016.

Subsist. Set the Table. Subsist. Recycled tablecloths and linens, sewing patterns, wax, wood. 42" x 36" x 5". 2015-16.

Wax Drawings – remnants from Subsist. Recycled wax, ink, rust. (4) 11" x 8.5". 2015-16.

Fold. Vacuum bags, poultry pins. (left) 17" x 15" x 6". 2016.

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